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Garden Waste Collections

A garden waste bin

Reminder: garden waste collections start from 4 March

If you have subscribed to our new garden waste collection service, your collections will start from next week. Please remember to attach your sticker and check your online collections calendar for the exact collection date.

Please also ensure that you put your garden waste bin out for collection no later than 7am on your collection day. This is especially important with the new service, as our crews' routes may change as we receive new subscriptions. Thank you.

Download your collections calendar or subscribe to garden waste collections
13:37, 28 Feb 2024 by Claire Waters

BDC Garden Waste collections

Garden waste bin stickers are in the post

Garden waste sticker and envelope in someone's hand

If you have subscribed to the garden waste collections, you should receive your bin sticker this week.

The sticker will arrive in an envelope like the one pictured. Inside will be a blank sticker, also pictured. All you need to do is:

  • Write your house number inside the square on the sticker, preferably using a permanent marker pen
  • Give your green garden waste bin a wipe down with some household cleaner in the spot on the back, underneath the handle, and leave it to dry
  • Place the sticker on your green garden waste bin, underneath the handle as shown on the sticker
  • Relax! You are now ready for garden waste collections, starting again from week commencing 4 March – check your collections calendar online for your exact date.

If you have subscribed and have not received your sticker by Friday 16 February, please get in touch at 

Read more or sign up here
11:18, 06 Feb 2024 by Claire Waters

BDC Waste & Recycling Collection

New Household Waste & Recycling Policy approved


The newly approved policy largely reflects what has become existing practice, but there are some changes that will impact all customers, as follows:-

 (1)      The introduction of a subscription-based garden waste collection service from 4 March 2024, as approved by Cabinet last year. 

 (2)      A requirement to report missed collections by noon the day following the scheduled collection to reflect area-based working (currently there is no deadline).  This is because as the crews move on to other areas, it becomes more difficult for them to return and collect.  This will maximise opportunities for the Council to meet its published service standard of returning to collect missed waste within 2 working days.   If a resident reports a missed bin within this timeframe, the Council will return and collect within 2 working days.  However, if reported after this timeframe, we will endeavour to return and collect, but cannot guarantee we will be able to do so before the next scheduled collection.     

 (3)    Cessation of the collection of side waste from 1 April 2024.  (The term ‘side waste’ refers to excess waste in bags or boxes or loose waste that is presented either alongside or on top of the black wheeled bin/s.)  This has been prompted by a renewed demand in recent years for waste reduction which has been driven by a number of factors including:- 

  • Climate Change
  • New waste legislation (Simpler Recycling)
  • High volumes of residual waste being generated
  • Cost/affordability of the collection, treatment and disposal of waste
  • More challenging recycling targets
  • Development of a new Waste Strategy for Essex

 This Council has always discouraged side waste through a process of education and intervention, as well as through promotional campaigns over the years in partnership with Love Essex and other partners around waste minimisation and recycling initiatives.  However, this relaxed (informal) approach has not delivered a substantive change in people’s behaviour and a more robust approach is needed to help the Council and its residents reduce their residual waste to meet recycling targets and waste minimisation objectives.     

The change will be communicated through an extensive comms package so that residents understand the importance of minimising residual waste. The Council’s Waste Minimisation and Recycling Team will support this message through their normal promotional and educational activities.

08:53, 05 Feb 2024 by Claire Waters