Garden waste service terms and conditions
This agreement is made between the resident (‘the Customer’) and Braintree District Council (‘the Council’) of Bocking End, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9HB, and sets out the terms and conditions under which the customer may use the Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service (‘the Service’).

The Service
The Service is available to domestic premises only in the Braintree District and is based on a fortnightly collection throughout the year, except for a 2-week period over Christmas/New Year.

  • The subscription for 2024/25 will run from 4 March 2024 to 31 March 2025. Thereafter, the renewal date will be 1 April each year irrespective of what time during the year the subscription is taken out. Subscriptions do not run on a rolling 12-month basis.
  • The subscription fee and bin/sack prices will be reviewed on an annual basis and details published on the Council’s website.
  • Payment must be made in full when taking out a subscription. The fee is non-refundable, except in the circumstances outlined in this Agreement. No concessions are available.
  • A sticker authorising collection will be provided for each (wheeled bin) subscription purchased and this must be affixed to the rear of the bin below the handle. It is the responsibility of the Customer to place the subscription sticker on the bin.
  • If a sticker becomes detached or lost from the bin, the Customer must contact the Council to request a replacement sticker. Please note that our staff will not empty any green wheeled bins that are not displaying a valid subscription sticker.
  • The standard bin provided is a 180L green wheeled bin. All new, additional and replacement bins must be purchased from the Council and will be 180L capacity – no other bin size will be provided.
  • Customers will need to purchase a bin from the Council unless they have an existing bin issued by the Council for garden waste collections. Existing bins may be used (regardless of size) until they are no longer serviceable, at which time customers will need to buy a replacement.
  • Residents may share a bin: this must be registered to one property and a single payment made. The bin must be presented for collection outside the registered property only or collection will not take place.
  • Households on black sack collections who wish to receive a garden waste collection service will need to buy compostable garden waste sacks issued by the Council (no other type of sack will be accepted). N.B. Sack collections are only available to households unsuitable for wheeled bins.
  • In using the service, the customer accepts that they can only use the designated paid for wheeled bins or garden waste sacks provided by the Council for the collection of garden waste. The Council will not collect garden waste presented in any other container(s).
  • All purchased bins are the property of the Customer and they are responsible for their care and maintenance.
  • Should a bin become damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement bin must be purchased to continue receiving the service. The Council will not issue refunds for collections not undertaken whilst Customers are awaiting delivery of new/replacement bins.

Presenting Garden Waste for Collection

  • All waste must be fully contained within the bin and the bin presented with the lid shut. The waste should be loose inside the bins i.e. not in bags. No excess waste on top or to the side of the bin will be removed.
  • Bins (or compostable sacks for properties on sack collections) must be placed at the designated collection point by 7am on the day of collection. Sacks should be tied securely. Bins should be positioned with the sticker facing towards the road. The crews will empty the bins and return them with the lids shut to their original collection point after emptying.
  • Bins should be retrieved by the customer as soon as possible after collection and stored within the boundary of the property between collections.

The following items are accepted in your garden waste bin or sacks:

  • Grass cuttings and leaves
  • Hedge/shrub trimmings
  • Small branches
  • Fruit fall (small quantities)
  • Dead plants and weeds (except harmful, invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, or Ragwort)

An Assisted Collection service is available to Customers on request (subject to eligibility). Please visit the Council’s website for more information. Customers who already receive Assisted Collections of their refuse and recycling will be eligible for an assisted garden waste collection.
Contaminated Waste
Bins/sacks containing waste that is not accepted will be deemed ‘contaminated’ and will be stickered and left by the crew. In these circumstances, the Customer should retrieve the bins/sacks, remove the contaminants and re-present the waste for collection on the next scheduled collection day.
Missed Collections
Customers are required to report missed collections as soon as possible, but in any event by 12 noon the next working day after collection and should leave their bins or compostable sacks at their normal collection point to facilitate collection. The Council aims to return and collect missed garden waste within 2 working days of receiving a justified report.
The collection crews will not return to empty bins nor will any refunds be issued in the following circumstances:-

  • The bin/sack is not at the normal collection point when the crew call.
  • The bin/sack has been stickered as ‘contaminated’.
  • The bin/sack is too heavy to be lifted/tipped.
  • The waste is excess (side) waste.
  • The bin/sack is unauthorised e.g. not Council-issue or bin has no subscription sticker.
  • The contents are compacted, frozen or otherwise stuck inside the bin.
  • The bin is damaged and emptying it would pose a health and safety risk.

Missed bin reports may be verified by the crew records including photographs taken at the time of their visit.

New/Replacement/Additional Bins
The Council will provide a 180L green wheeled bin, which may come from refurbished stock.
We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days of receiving a paid application and collections will commence on the next scheduled collection day following delivery of the bin.
Compostable Sacks (available only to households not on wheeled bin collections)
Compostable sacks are available to buy from the Council priced per roll of 20. Please note that they have a shelf-life of up to 12 months if stored with care, but will naturally weaken with age so don’t keep more than you need. We recommend that you only buy stock that will last you for the next 6 months. Do not store sacks in a place where they are likely to get damp or mouldy.
Supplies may be purchased as and when needed throughout the year and we aim to deliver within 10 working days of receiving payment.
The sacks may only be used for domestic garden waste. 25. There is no restriction on the quantity of sacks that can be put out for collection, but only garden waste presented in sacks purchased from the Council will be collected.
Disruption To Service
The crews endeavour to keep to schedule, but occasionally this may not be possible. Where delays arise, residents are asked to leave their bin/sacks at their normal collection point and the crews will work as quickly as possible to catch up.
In exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather or other factors outside of the Council’s control, the Council reserves the right to vary and/or suspend the service without notice. In such circumstances, notices and service updates will be posted on the Council’s website.
In freezing weather conditions bins will be emptied as thoroughly as possible, but frozen contents may be stuck to the inside of the bin. In these circumstances, our collection crew will not return until the next scheduled collection.
A Customer may cancel their request for service within 14 calendar days of payment and receive a full refund.
A Customer may cancel the service at any time by giving the Council notice in writing, but no refunds or part refunds will be made for cancellation outside of the 14 calendar days.
Moving Home?
Customers may transfer their wheeled bin subscription to a new address if relocating within the Braintree District and the property is suitable for bins. Please give us at least 10 working days’ notice if you wish to do this. It is the responsibility of the Customer to take their bin to their new address if the subscription is being transferred.
Customers using compostable sacks may only use these at their new property if it is in receipt of a sack collection i.e. does not receive a wheeled bin collection service.
If a Customer doesn’t wish to transfer their subscription to their new home or is moving out of the District, they must notify the Council as soon as possible so that the service can be cancelled. Any bins not purchased by the Customer should be left at the old address for the new occupants.
Nothing herein contained is intended to affect a Customer’s statutory rights.
To contact the Council in respect of any queries, issues or complaints relating to this service, please visit our website at or call our Customer Services Team on 01376 552525.

Updated: August 2023

13:21, 31 Oct 2023 by Claire Waters